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Forever Blooming

Flowers to last a life time.

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Needing a gift? Get your message across without having to say a word, with flowers that will last a lifetime. Planning your wedding? Don’t want to spend all of your budget on flowers? Why not go artificial flowers, where the price’s are a third of the cost, and something you can keep forever along side your photos of the day. 

Artificial flowers are perfect and low maintenance, whilst also being unique. Flowers to suit all occasions and any budget, you will be sure to find something to suit your needs. 


Q What are the benefits of faux flowers?

One of the main benefits of using fake flowers is that they often don't aggravate allergies, allowing people who spend their time sneezing around live flowers to enjoy the beauty without the aggravation.
Artificial flowers also offer a versatility that live flowers can’t because faux arrangements can be placed anywhere in any temperature conditions. Faux flowers and plants are also simple to care for and work well for people who travel a lot or simply don’t have time to care for live plants.

Q What are faux flowers made of?

Artificial flowers are made of a variety of materials from paper to silk, but the most common material is polyester for the flowers and plastic for the stems.

Q How do I clean my flowers?

Cleaning your flowers is easy! If they get a bit dusty, just wipe them with a cloth or baby wipes.

Q What’s the best way to care for faux flowers?

Artificial flowers and plants are simple to care for. That’s one of their benefits over live plants. The fact that they last longer, however, means there is ongoing maintenance to consider.
For example, if you place your artificial plants in the sun, be sure to rotate them every few weeks, so one side doesn’t fade.

Q Can I give faux flowers as a gift?

Flower arrangements with fake flowers make a great gift, especially for those who suffer from allergies. A faux flower arrangement, whether that be for Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer, is a thoughtful, long-lasting gift that requires little care, making it perfect for all occasions.

Q Are artificial flowers cheaper than live flowers?

While the up-front cost of high-quality faux flowers can sometimes seem daunting, the arrangements are much less expensive than live plants over time. Artificial flower arrangements can be used and reused for years, where live flowers die after a couple of weeks.
The cost of replacing those live plants and flowers can grow quickly, while your artificial arrangement just needs some periodic dusting.