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We list markets, fairs, fetes, country shows, expos, tradeshows and any event with at least 6 stallholders or 3 food vendors/trucks.

Stallholders, Food vendors/trucks, coffee vans and entertainment (buskers, facepainting, rides etc) found at the above listed events.

Yes! We are now Australia-wide. The Reason for so many QLD Posts is that we are based in QLD and have been operating in QLD for longer.

No sorry you cannot create a listing for the market/event you attend. This needs to be done by them directly as they need to keep it up to date etc. Please share our website with them to get listed and or tag them on one of our social media posts.

Our pricing plans are available to view here

My Local Market directory was started as a way to help my own stallholders and the local community markets in our area during covid and the floods. As the stallholders are what helps to draw attendance to your market/event. The markets/events are asked to pay for a listing. With the number of markets and stalls etc across Australia, MLMD is a full time job and without funding.

Accordion ContentAs a way to help stallholders across Australia and in turn market organisers I have extended the free listing of the stallholders/food vendors and entertainment longer. All Free listings holders will be notified when this is going to change.

Yes we can advertise your Facebook event listing on our My Local Market directory social media.
You need to create a paid listing by going to here
Your Facebook event must have the following done:
Your state needs to be included in the address.
Organisers contat details must be in the event, link to a form/application, website and a phone number or email.
Your event must be a single stand-alone event and not a recurring event.

As markets are mostly on the weekend, our office is closed on a Monday to allow founder Chantel to have the day to relax.  Please email her at find@mylocalmarketdirectory she will be in touch asap.

As we are growing and reaching out to a number of Markets and events, we may not have been in touch with them as yet. Please let us know via email who your local market/event is so we can contact them directory. Visit our contact page here

Please email us and we will get some to you asap. Visit our contact page here

Chantel is available for a consultation regarding your market. Visit our contact page here