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Valicha! is a large 4mtr Toowoomba based food trailer selling a range of incredible Peruvian fusion foods, Sweets and drinks.

Peruvian food is often referred to as Criolla or Creole food because of the incredible blend of Spanish, Asian, Incan indian and other European cuisine influences which are integrated and very finely balanced into their cooking culture.

Valicha specialises in taking you and your taste buds on a cultural journey back to the ancient Inca civilisation’s that once flourished and ruled the incredible country of Peru!

Not being just another ‘Fast Food’ vendor flipping the ‘normal fare’, Valicha! aim to give you something different, because,  we’re not not just about our awesome foods, in fact we hope to give you a little insight into the ancient Inca Indian and modern day Peruvian culture’s that we hope you will enjoy.