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Once Upon a Door

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Invite a magical friend into your home.

Once Upon a Door creates enchanted doors & accessories that encourage & inspire children to use their imaginations and creativity and invite fairies, elves, mermaids and unicorns into your home.

Our doors can actually open and close and are unique gifts that add a magical & whimsical touch to a baby’s nursery or child’s bedroom where they can be used to interact with that little someone special.

As your child grows our doors can be used to assist with developmental stages by sending notes of encouragement & even small gifts.

We have special notes parents can write on and lots of accessories to choose from to leave as a special gift from their children’s enchanted friend.

Some ideas for use include:

The Tooth Fairy;
Starting school;
Sleeping through the night;
Toilet training;
Personal hygiene (brushing teeth & hair);
Moving house; and even
Dealing with difficult emotional situations