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Ember and Sage Creations

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What do you get when you combine a great sense of humour, tragic life events and spicy sadness? A dark sense of humour. At Ember & Sage Creations we think the best way to cope with tragedy is to make fun of it.
While none of our designs are meant to cause offense, we like to push the boundaries.
Our main medium is vinyl cutting, transferring onto anything from t-shirts to tote bags, mugs and coasters. We love coming up with our own selection of designs, but if you have something special in mind shoot us a message!
We’re happy to work with you to make something that you truly love.
Just because our speciality is humour doesn’t mean we can’t be serious. If you need t-shirts, stubby holders or something else to promote your club or business we can help. We’ve even helped design and make labels for wine bottles!
We’ve started to take the plunge into the world of 3D-Printing, so if there’s something cool you’ve seen on Tik Tok or found on Thingiverse, feel free to ask if we can print it for you.