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DOFA Home Fragrance


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We’re a small family owned business trying to achieve a goal to reach every home with our home fragrances. Handmaking candles, car air fresheners, room sprays, and melts. With a vast range of fragrances, speciality are in men’s colagines, and your favourite candy smells.

We are Australian made, cruelty free, eco-friendly and vegan friendly.

Located in Christies Beach South Australia we also offer postage across Australia and New Zealand.


Q Where are your fragrances made

All Australian Made Fragrances coming from NSW.

Q Do you do postage?

Yes we post across Australia and New Zealand.

Q Do you do Reed and Home Diffusers?

They will be coming stortly.

Q Do you have a website?

Yes we do go to https://www.dofahomefragance.com.au